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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

What is the custom ROM and the custom kernel of an Android OS

What is the custom ROM and the custom kernel of an Android OS

Android Beginners Q&A
A ROM would be considered the complete operating system (think MS Windows, Mac OSX) - in this case a version of the Android operating system. All of these operating systems have a section of code, which is called the kernel. The kernel is responsible for numerous things within the OS, mostly distributing processing capabilities in between programs (scheduling). When it comes to "custom"-ROM or kernels within the Android community, people are referring to complete Software packages (Cyanogenmod, Paranoid-Android etc) or kernels that are aftermarket software and not shipped by the manufacturer. A custom kernel would be that section of the OS only, that is handling scheduling etc. Both these things are in contrast to "stock Android", which is what ships on the respective Android devices.You can flash (install) a custom kernel onto a stock ROM to potentially improve performance/battery life etc, depending on what the person that developed said kernels is trying to achieve with it (i.e. more aggressive scheduling, overclocking, undervaluing etc.)Hope this clarifies things for you.

Getting The Right Custom ROM

New phones and ROMs come out all the time, and the scope of this article doesn't cover individual ROMs - but the general approach to finding one is Googling for "YOUR_PHONE_MODEL ROM" or something similar, optionally including the wanted Android version. Try it out - you'll find what you want.

How to Find Custom ROMs for Your Android Phone

AOSP variants

Google releases the “pure” version of Android to the world though something called the Android Open Source Project. Generally speaking you’re not going to find ROMs for your phone or tablet in the AOSP. Instead you’ll find the source code of Android so you (or another developer) can bake your own version of Android however you’d like.

Since you, as an individual, probably aren’t going to build your own ROM, you’ll likely use a ROM that’s built by another developer, or group of developers. Here are some of the more popular ROMs based on AOSP.


CyanogenMod ROM has been around since the very early days of Android and has one of the longest “supported devices” lists around. Back in the day CyanogenMod (abbreviated to “CM”) would push the envelope and offer all kinds of new customizations and features. Recently they’ve switched their focus to stability and compatibility as their primary objectives, with customization and improvements being less important.

Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android, or “PA” for short, grew from “a basic environment … with a bunch of little hacks and apps to make it usable on XHDPI devices … (followed by) framework modifications” and eventually what’s known as their “Hybrid Engine”. This ROM lets you hyper-customize how your apps look, and whether you want them to be laid out in phone.

Why do I need to flash stock or custom ROMs to my Android device?
There are several reasons to be looking for a ROM:
  • Upgrading or downgrading your stock ROM
  • Looking for firmware from a different region/language
  • Flashing a custom ROM for different features, removing bloat, etc.
But where can one find ROMs in the first place? What sites are likely to have the ROM I need?

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Android Marshmallow 6.0 for sony Z2

Marshmallow in Egypt Sony Z2 Soon

 Android 6.0 Marshmallow is the next big update for Sony Xperia Z1 series and Z2. Google recently released Android Marshmallow operating system on September 29th and also uploaded to AOSP on October 5th. Earlier the search giant released 3 previews of Marshmallow and Sony also released binary images of Android Marshmallow beta for Xperia Z1 series and Z2 devices. Some tech enthusiasts also made custom roms with Android Marshmallow binary and installed them. Recently Sony also released Android 6.0 Marshmallow final build binary files for Xperia Z1 series and Xperia Z2 series. So custom roms based on Marshmallow will be available by the end of October.
Xperia Z2 is present in the Sony’s official Marshmallow upgrade list but Xperia Z1 is not present. Some tech analysts are saying that Sony may add Xperia Z1 series to the list later. Sony will start the building Android 6.0 updates for Xperia Z2 device in October. Previously Sony took a long time to rollout Android Lollipop update. This time Sony may start the rollout quickly as there is no major UI changes in Marshmallow compared to Lollipop. So the Japanese tech giant may start the rollout of Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for Xperia Z2 series in December. Sony will start the rollout of update with Baltic and Nordic countries and then spread over the world in a few days

Android Marshmallow Update features

New App permissions is the major change coming with this update for Xperia Z2 series. With new app permissions, users can more easily install apps than previous android versions. Doze mode of Marshmallow is also a remarkable feature of this update. Doze mode increases battery standby time more effeciently than other battery savers. Marshmallow update is coming with fingerprint sensor support. But this feature is useless for Xperia Z2 users as these smart phones don’t have fingerprint sensor. Automatic backup and restore of apps and app settings is also a useful feature of Android Marshmallow. Android 6.0 has System UI tuner feature to better manage quick settings toggles and status bar icons. With this new System UI Tuner feature users can show battery percentage embedded in the battery icon in the status bar. Users can also remove and add tiles in Quick Settings menu. It also facilitates to manage Status bar notifications better. User interface of Xperia Z2 also will be changed slightly with Marshmallow update. New UI looks clean, beautiful and also more user-friendly. Android 6.0 Marshmallow brought new app menu design which deviates from previous Android versions. Up to Android Lollipop all Android versions feature horizontally scrollable app menu. But in Marshmallow Google introduced vertical app menu. The App Menu appears much smooth and fast than previous app menus. Search bar also comes with new app menu. So users can type in the search bar at the top of app menu to find required app. Users can easily find the required with search function in the new app menu. The Marshmallow app menu also provides the list of recent of on the top of the menu. So users can easily launch recently used apps. Google may improve this new app menu in the next update to Marshmallow.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sony Xperia Z

SONY make.believe
Xperia® Z

Xperia® Z

Xperia Z icons
Immerse yourself in Xperia Z
Dear Ahmed,
The Sony US team is extremely excited to announce our stunningly designed, water-resistant*, LTE smartphone - the Xperia Z. Sony is teaming up with T-Mobile to offer the Xperia Z on its Simple Choice Plan with no annual service contract plus unlimited talk, text and Web on a screaming fast, nationwide 4G and 4G LTE network.
The best of Sony in a smartphone, exclusively at T-Mobile.
sleek design, impressive durability
sleek design, impressive durability
No one knows how to best pack durability into a beautiful design like Sony. Xperia Z takes it to the next level. By being water resistant along with the use of durable tempered glass on the front and back, this stylish smartphone is more than able to handle whatever life throws at you.
witness beauty
captivating in every way
captivating in every way
More than just a smartphone - Xperia Z captivates from the very beginning.

Reflective glass surfaces, both durable and water-resistant, come alive through a 5" Full HD Reality Display powered by our Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2. The result is a screen so sharp, so bright, and so vivid that everything you see will truly come to life.
experience it
capture, play, connect – effortlessly
capture, play, connect – effortlessly
A brilliant screen deserves brilliant content and with Xperia Z that's exactly what you'll create. The 13MP Fast Capture camera with Exmor RS for Mobile and HDR, allows you to shoot breath-taking photos and videos in any light. And thanks to groundbreaking One-touch functions, wirelessly sharing video, pictures or anything else is a breeze.
discover more