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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Android Game Cryptic Kingdoms HD cheats

Welcome to Android : Cryptic Kingdoms HD Cheat page

1. Tap the gate. Pick up the rock and take the key.
2. Go back and use the key on the locked gate to open it. Go through the gate.
3. Pick up the hook that’s hanging.
4. Tap on the lion to zoom in on it. Pick up the empty bottle from the water to the right of it.
5. Use the hook on the lever to the left of the lion and the pillars will turn into a bridge. There’s a puzzle here that we can’t solve yet.
6. Go back and cross the bridge. Tap on the small shack to the left. Pick up another empty bottle. Notice the roman numerals carved into the wood:

7. Go back to the lion puzzle. Tap the II, III and V and it will open up, revealing a key. Take it.
8. Cross back over the bridge. Zoom in on the stone slab and pick up another empty bottle.
9. Go back to the bridge (by the lion) and use the key on the clock. It will open up. Take the Citric Crystal from inside. Make a note of the design on the clock:
10. Cross the bridge again. Tap above the door of the building and place the crystal in the slot available:

11. Now press the buttons to make the shapes change to match the design on the clock. The door will open.
12. Enter the building (cathedral). Tap on each of the crystals and use the empty bottles on the colored liquid to get three bottles filled with red, blue and green liquid:

13. Exit the cathedral. Zoom in on the rock slab and pour the blue liquid (Desire) into the bowl. The rune will light up.