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Monday, February 25, 2013

Android games : Cryptic Kingdoms HD Cheat Page 6

64. Look at the scroll on the wall. Notice you can tap the circles to turn them red. Look at the Shrine and tap a figurine. Then look at the scroll and you’ll notice one or two circles are highlighted. Tap those circles to make them red. Then go back to the shrine and tap the center stone. While the lights are flashing, tap the figurine diagonal to the light you want to stay on and then and you’ll notice it stayed red. Now you have to do the same for each of the others to make all the lights stay lit.

android game walkthrough
android game walkthrough

65. If you got all the lights to stay lit, the safe on the wall will open, revealing a Mask. grab it.



66. Go back to the Display Room. Put the mask on the coat of arms.


67. Go back to the gong and use the Katana to cut down the lantern. Pick it up.




68. Go back to the Display Room. The door is now open to the left of the coat of arms. Take it to get to the Lantern Room. Place the lanterns from your bag on the empty strings.


69. Notice that if you tap on a lantern, it moves and glows a certain color. Look at the color of each one. Focus on the left four and arrange the puzzle on the left wall to look like this.


70. The safe will open, revealing another knob. Pull it until the puzzle on the right wall looks like this and the door will open.


71. Walk through the door to the Zen Garden:


72. This puzzle is fairly simple. Look at each of the three pillars with flowers at the top. They each have a symbol in the middle that can be changed to circle, square or triangle. They also have symbols above and below the center shape. Look at the shard in the middle of the garden. If you tap the flower, it changes and highlights the shape for that flower. Change that shape to the color of the flower on the corresponding pillar. Then go to that pillar and match the symbols and shape to what you saw on the shard. Tap the flower to light it up. Do this for all three pillars, then look at the fourth pillar and it will open up, revealing a Room Key. Take it. Also take the Shard of Honour from the grey shard.







73. Go back to the gong and use the Room Key (looks like a hammer) on it. A portal will open. Tap on it to go back to the Honour Gateway. Place the Shard of Honor where you put the other two and watch the ending (or is it?).



Cryptic Kingdoms HD walkthrough

Cryptic Kingdoms HD walkthrough

Now you are done ....

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Android games : Cryptic Kingdoms HD Cheat Page 5


51. Go back to the three doors. Take the right door to the Mausoleum. Look at the door, then change the color of the flower on each dial to match the door. Also rotate the white symbol to point to the color of the corresponding symbol. If you get it right, the Mausoleum door will open.

52. Enter the Mausoleum. Take the Hammer and the Star Relic and note the clue:
53. Go back to the three doors and take the left door to the Courtyard. Use the three clues we found to solve the puzzle. The star is I, the leaf is II and the bird is III. Solve the puzzle and you’ll get the Moon Relic.

54. Go back to the Exhibit Room. Use the Hammer to break the vase on the table and get the Talisman.

55. Go to the Symbol Room and tap on the globe. Place the Talisman in the slot and a symbol will appear below it. You can change it to any of the three relics by tapping on it. Choose one and then go back and look at the wall above the globe. One of the pieces will have moved to reveal the symbol of the relic. Place the relic in that spot and go back and change the symbol on the globe to another one. Do the same for all three and you’ll get the Shard of Spirit.

56. Go back to the Mausoleum. Take the Key of Honour. Tap on the glowing white box. Tap on it again and you’ll teleport back to the mushrooms.

57. Place the Shard of Spirit where you placed the Shard of Strength (near the Honour Gateway).

58. Go to the Honour Gateway and use the key on it.

59. Enter the Honour Gateway and continue on through the Great Entrance to the Temple. Here you’ll see a puzzle with two dragon statues.
Like the previous puzzles, look at the colors of the dragons. You can change the color by going up to the scroll and taping the scroll to generate dots. On the left scroll it can either be none, one, two, or three in a vertical column. You can go up to the right scroll and tap on it to be another series of combinations. With either scroll, when you back up, you will see that the dragon color has changed. This is the method of changing both the left and right dragon colors.
Then, take a look at the center left stack of three blocks. Each block has a left and right color AND a symbol.
Then you go to the rotating wheel and see how many dots represent each symbol. This will be useful later but not right now.

So, we go back to the column and start with the top block. Blue on the left and yellow on the right with a symbol in the middle. Back up to the scroll on the left and enter a series of dots until you get a blue dragon. You then click on the dragon and an eye will light up that locks that color. You can then go back to the scroll and change the dots without changing the dragon color. You need this function in a bit. You then go over to the right scroll and click on it and back away until you get a green dragon. Again, click on the dragon to get an eye that locks the color
Then go to the stack of blocks and take note of the symbol. Go over to the rotating wheel and you will see the same symbol…. that in this case has two upper dots.
Go back to the right scroll and click on it until you get the same upper two dots. Go over to the left scroll and click on it until no dots are shown. If you back up, you will then see a blue dragon on the left and a green dragon on the right. The scroll on the right will show two upper dots.
Then go the blocks and tap on the upper block. The symbol will be highlighted!
You then repeat the same sequence on the second and third blocks, dots, and dragons. When all three symbols on the block stack are lit, a door will open and a key will appear!

Take the House Key.
60. Continue along the path to the Residence Entrance. Tap on the gong and then take the Safe Key. Then use the House Key to unlock the door and enter the house.
61. Take the Sword (katana) from the stand. Use the Safe Key to unlock the safe and take the Figurine.
62. Open the two cabinets below the safe ad take the Lantern and Umbrella.
63. Walk through the doorway to the right to enter the Shrine Room. Put the umbrella under the light to see the Shrine. Put the Figurine in the empty spot on the Shrine.
For example : Let say that all the figurines are off and the dots in the Scroll are also off, you start t any Figurine (i.e. the right-top corner) and press it, you will notice that the corresponding red light is at the bottom-left, now go to the Scroll and mark the dot that represents the the red light you have just lit on the Shrine which is (the single dot at the top-left) then back to the Shrine and hit the lit in the middle of it, you will notice that the light in the Shrine is still up though you press on another Figurine to start another one,  note that there are 2 Figurines that need 2 dots to be marked red which are the one at the top-left side and the one at the bottom-left side, when you are done you will notice that the locker in the right corner is unlocked, grab the mask and continue.