Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sony Xperia Z

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Xperia® Z

Xperia® Z

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Dear Ahmed,
The Sony US team is extremely excited to announce our stunningly designed, water-resistant*, LTE smartphone - the Xperia Z. Sony is teaming up with T-Mobile to offer the Xperia Z on its Simple Choice Plan with no annual service contract plus unlimited talk, text and Web on a screaming fast, nationwide 4G and 4G LTE network.
The best of Sony in a smartphone, exclusively at T-Mobile.
sleek design, impressive durability
sleek design, impressive durability
No one knows how to best pack durability into a beautiful design like Sony. Xperia Z takes it to the next level. By being water resistant along with the use of durable tempered glass on the front and back, this stylish smartphone is more than able to handle whatever life throws at you.
witness beauty
captivating in every way
captivating in every way
More than just a smartphone - Xperia Z captivates from the very beginning.

Reflective glass surfaces, both durable and water-resistant, come alive through a 5" Full HD Reality Display powered by our Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2. The result is a screen so sharp, so bright, and so vivid that everything you see will truly come to life.
experience it
capture, play, connect – effortlessly
capture, play, connect – effortlessly
A brilliant screen deserves brilliant content and with Xperia Z that's exactly what you'll create. The 13MP Fast Capture camera with Exmor RS for Mobile and HDR, allows you to shoot breath-taking photos and videos in any light. And thanks to groundbreaking One-touch functions, wirelessly sharing video, pictures or anything else is a breeze.
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cryptic Caverns HD walkthrough screenshots and cheats

Cryptic Caverns HD 

Android Games walk-through is fun thing to do when you have so much time to spare. I uploaded the 3D Methods earlier android game WalkThrough Cryptic Kingdoms HD in a prior post. Now, I'm uploading some of the screenshot taken by my Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S mobile phone using the screen capture method for the game Cryptic Caverns HD by 3D Methods for Android Games.
Android Games Walkthough and Cheats
Cryptic Caverns HD Walkthough and cheats
When you finish solving the Cryptic Caverns HD Android game, you will get to read the story of the Cavern city.

First you much unlock the door, using the "Key" found in Tower in the end of the book that was left by the ancient people who wrote it.
Android games cheat
Cryptic Caverns HD Walkthough and cheats
Cryptic Caverns HD Walkthough and cheats
Cryptic Caverns HD Walkthough and cheats
Cryptic Caverns HD Walkthough and cheats
Cryptic Caverns HD Walkthough and cheats
Cryptic Caverns HD Walkthough and cheats
Cryptic Caverns HD Walkthough and cheats
Cryptic Caverns HD Walkthough and cheats
The Neanderthals were the ancient inhabitants of the island. Wooooow.

I'm preparing the full screenshots and cheats for the Cryptic Caverns HD now, if you have any question, post it in a comment. Keep up!

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Android games : Cryptic Kingdoms HD Cheat Page 6

64. Look at the scroll on the wall. Notice you can tap the circles to turn them red. Look at the Shrine and tap a figurine. Then look at the scroll and you’ll notice one or two circles are highlighted. Tap those circles to make them red. Then go back to the shrine and tap the center stone. While the lights are flashing, tap the figurine diagonal to the light you want to stay on and then and you’ll notice it stayed red. Now you have to do the same for each of the others to make all the lights stay lit.

android game walkthrough
android game walkthrough

65. If you got all the lights to stay lit, the safe on the wall will open, revealing a Mask. grab it.



66. Go back to the Display Room. Put the mask on the coat of arms.


67. Go back to the gong and use the Katana to cut down the lantern. Pick it up.




68. Go back to the Display Room. The door is now open to the left of the coat of arms. Take it to get to the Lantern Room. Place the lanterns from your bag on the empty strings.


69. Notice that if you tap on a lantern, it moves and glows a certain color. Look at the color of each one. Focus on the left four and arrange the puzzle on the left wall to look like this.


70. The safe will open, revealing another knob. Pull it until the puzzle on the right wall looks like this and the door will open.


71. Walk through the door to the Zen Garden:


72. This puzzle is fairly simple. Look at each of the three pillars with flowers at the top. They each have a symbol in the middle that can be changed to circle, square or triangle. They also have symbols above and below the center shape. Look at the shard in the middle of the garden. If you tap the flower, it changes and highlights the shape for that flower. Change that shape to the color of the flower on the corresponding pillar. Then go to that pillar and match the symbols and shape to what you saw on the shard. Tap the flower to light it up. Do this for all three pillars, then look at the fourth pillar and it will open up, revealing a Room Key. Take it. Also take the Shard of Honour from the grey shard.







73. Go back to the gong and use the Room Key (looks like a hammer) on it. A portal will open. Tap on it to go back to the Honour Gateway. Place the Shard of Honor where you put the other two and watch the ending (or is it?).



Cryptic Kingdoms HD walkthrough

Cryptic Kingdoms HD walkthrough

Now you are done ....