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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S screenshot without rooting

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S screenshot without rooting

The trick is simple, just 2 buttons in the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S mobile somehow as a I'm doing in the video and everything is going to be fine.
Watch the video .

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

android games : Cryptic Kingdoms HD Cheat Page 3


33. Go back to the glowing pattern on the floor and it will have changed. There are now shapes in the center:
34. Zoom out and tap on the puzzle to the left. Solve it and a bug shape will appear. Can’t use it at the moment:
35. Go back to the screen with the mushrooms. Use the knife to get the Charm from the mushroom. Then take the Scarab that is revealed.

36. Go to the puzzle with a slot for the Scarab and place it on there to get a rope:
37. Enter the tunnel again and tap the blue crystals to the right do they look like this:
38. Go to the mushroom house and place the Charm in the slot on the desk. The locked box on the wall will open up, revealing the missing page from the book. Add it to the book:

39. Look on the floor under the lamps. The safe will now be open. Take the bucket from inside:

Android games : Cryptic Kingdoms HD Cheat Page 2

25. Enter the tunnel. Move the wheel on the left to look like this:

26. Continue on until you see this room. Pick up the Golden Egg.

27. Go back to the screen with the arch and arrange the wheel like so:

28. Go back to the design in the ground. Take the staircase up. Tap on the center of the wheel until it looks like this:

29. Go back a screen and tap on the mushroom house. Unlock the door using the mushroom key and enter.
30. Zoom in on the dresser. Take the knife. Put the horn on the lamp and a drawer will open, revealing this book:

31. Zoom out and tap on the wheel. There’s a nest. Place the Golden Egg on it and two lights will turn on:

32. Note the pattern the lights make on the floor:

Android games walkthrough : Cryptic Kingdoms HD Cheat Page 1


14. Go back to the bridge. Tap on the stone slab on the hill to the left and pour the green liquid (Spirit) into the bowl.
15. Go back one screen to the entrance and tap on the stone slab. Pour the bottle of red liquid (Strength) into the bowl.
16. Go back to the cathedral.
17. Tap on the head (Telvonus) and talk to him, find out all he knows:
18. Select all the choices and at the end he will give you a key:

19. Exit the building and continue along the path (tap to the right of the building). You will come across another building (Entrance to the Kingdom), which is locked. Use the Key to the Kingdom to unlock the door. You need to find the Shard of Strength before you can enter.
20. Go back to the Cathedral. Tap on the red crystal and find the Lustrous Key.
21. Use the Lustrous Key to open the locked chest in the shack and get the Shard of Strength. Then go to the Kingdom Entrance and go through the door to enter the Kingdom:

22. Take the Mushroom Key that’s sitting on the well.
23. Cross the bridge. Put the Shard of Strength on the device to the right. Tap on the table under the gazebo and pick up the Horn.

24. Tap above the gateway to continue on to this screen and notice the pattern on the ground: