Thursday, April 28, 2016

Android Marshmallow 6.0 for sony Z2

Marshmallow in Egypt Sony Z2 Soon

 Android 6.0 Marshmallow is the next big update for Sony Xperia Z1 series and Z2. Google recently released Android Marshmallow operating system on September 29th and also uploaded to AOSP on October 5th. Earlier the search giant released 3 previews of Marshmallow and Sony also released binary images of Android Marshmallow beta for Xperia Z1 series and Z2 devices. Some tech enthusiasts also made custom roms with Android Marshmallow binary and installed them. Recently Sony also released Android 6.0 Marshmallow final build binary files for Xperia Z1 series and Xperia Z2 series. So custom roms based on Marshmallow will be available by the end of October.
Xperia Z2 is present in the Sony’s official Marshmallow upgrade list but Xperia Z1 is not present. Some tech analysts are saying that Sony may add Xperia Z1 series to the list later. Sony will start the building Android 6.0 updates for Xperia Z2 device in October. Previously Sony took a long time to rollout Android Lollipop update. This time Sony may start the rollout quickly as there is no major UI changes in Marshmallow compared to Lollipop. So the Japanese tech giant may start the rollout of Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for Xperia Z2 series in December. Sony will start the rollout of update with Baltic and Nordic countries and then spread over the world in a few days

Android Marshmallow Update features

New App permissions is the major change coming with this update for Xperia Z2 series. With new app permissions, users can more easily install apps than previous android versions. Doze mode of Marshmallow is also a remarkable feature of this update. Doze mode increases battery standby time more effeciently than other battery savers. Marshmallow update is coming with fingerprint sensor support. But this feature is useless for Xperia Z2 users as these smart phones don’t have fingerprint sensor. Automatic backup and restore of apps and app settings is also a useful feature of Android Marshmallow. Android 6.0 has System UI tuner feature to better manage quick settings toggles and status bar icons. With this new System UI Tuner feature users can show battery percentage embedded in the battery icon in the status bar. Users can also remove and add tiles in Quick Settings menu. It also facilitates to manage Status bar notifications better. User interface of Xperia Z2 also will be changed slightly with Marshmallow update. New UI looks clean, beautiful and also more user-friendly. Android 6.0 Marshmallow brought new app menu design which deviates from previous Android versions. Up to Android Lollipop all Android versions feature horizontally scrollable app menu. But in Marshmallow Google introduced vertical app menu. The App Menu appears much smooth and fast than previous app menus. Search bar also comes with new app menu. So users can type in the search bar at the top of app menu to find required app. Users can easily find the required with search function in the new app menu. The Marshmallow app menu also provides the list of recent of on the top of the menu. So users can easily launch recently used apps. Google may improve this new app menu in the next update to Marshmallow.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Android for VS 2010 Troubleshooting

 Android for VS 2010 Troubleshooting

This page targets developers who work with Android Programming in Visual Studio 2010
Android Programming in VB 2010
Android For Visual Basic 2010 - Troubleshooting
1) Updating Android SDK :
A folder failed to be moved on Windows this typically means that a program is using that folder.
- Solution (1)
    • Close the SDK Manager after the error and open the (C:\Users\Computer_Name\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk\temp) folder. 
    • There should be a zip file named or similar depending on the last version update available (If you did not find it there, then download Revision 24.3 for windows manually from here, or simply use this custom download link ( and replace (XXX) with revision number you desire.
    • After download is complete, unzip that in any folder you like.
    • Open (C:\Users\Computer_Name\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk\tools) folder
    •  Copy all the unzipped files from within the downloaded folder into (android-sdk\tools) folder
    • Overwrite files and folders if prompted.
    • Restart you SDK-Manager.
2) Starting SDK-Manager from Visual Studio 2010
Command did not execute successfully due to an unexpected exception. Please check the output window for additional information
- Solution (2)
3) Trying to run Android project from VB 2010

Android error in VB 2010
Please select a valid device before running the application
- Solution (3)
    • First, don't worry, that happens all the time.
    • You can solve this issue by :
      • Restart Visual Studio 2010, Start your Android application
      • Start AVD from VB 2010, from its toolbar and then start any Emulator separately, Wait until the Emulator loads the Home Screen, Restart your application
      • Set your android settings in VB 2010 to the lowest, start your application
      • Update the SDK-Manager tools, restart your application
 4) Adding new Emulator in VB 2010 for Android
VB 2010 No CPU/ABI system image available for this target
No CPU/ABI system image available for this target
No CPU/ABI system image available for this target.
- Solution (4)
    • Open your SDK-Manager
    • Make sure you download and install the corresponding System Image
    • For example, if you want to work on Emulator that supports Android 5.0.1 Lollipop, then you should look for System Image download in this section in SDK-Manager in VB 2010.
Adding new Emulators to VB 2010 for Android Developing
    • Restart your AVD in VB 2010.

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Sunday, May 31, 2015

FxGuru- Movie FX Director Full Free

FxGuru- Movie FX Director Full Free  

This will guide you through the way to obtain FxGuru Android Application, I will not provide downloading links because it's forbidden to publish here.

FxGuru Free Full Android 5 Lollipop
How to unlock Android App - FxGuru

Android FxGuru : How to unlock ?

1.Uninstall your FxGuru v1.0.5 (Clear All Data - Use WonderShare MobileGo) and install FxGuru v1.0.4 .

2.Don't open FxGuru v1.0.4 and install freedom.apk (Google it)

3. Open freedom.apk, grant it superuser permission and then open FxGuru through freedom.apk

4. Click on megapack and buy it

5. Now you can download your desired effects directly and free from FxGuru.

How to upgrade to FxGuru v1.0.5 :-

1) Install v1.0.4 -- purchase megapack -- upgrade to v1.0.5 -- megapack is still there .... works!"


1) If you are not downloading all effects in one time price, use freedom.apk every time, which means to repeat step 3 every time you want to download effects and no need then to do step 4 in this case.

2) Freedom is not available on your country :
solution :- If it says not available in your country, just change your time zone to Cairo+2, Moscow +4,or India +5:30 just do it and it will work fine.

3) Error processing your request do this
solution:- If you are getting problem in purchasing, make sure that you have root access and then :
a) Uninstall FxGuru v1.0.5
b) Reboot your device
c) Install the FxGuru v1.0.4
d) Don't open FxGuru v1.0.4 and install freedom .apk
e) Open freedom.apk and grant freedom.apk SuperUser permission
f) Open FxGuru v1.0.4 through freedom.apk and click on megapack and buy it.
If u r using FxGuru v1.0.5, then uninstall it and reboot your phone and do as I said.

- For more Errors and Solutions, or if you have any questions, please write a comment.

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